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Lose Weight With These Unique Weight Loss Advices That You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are struggling to lose weight and tired of listening to all the stale pieces of weight loss advices, this post is just right for you. Since ages, we have heard many weight loss advices like eating more portions of vegetables, and exercising more in order to lose weight. In spite of knowing all such information, if you are still confused about which weight loss strategy you should choose, we will give you some new and fresh ideas which will definitely help you to progress towards your weight loss goals.

Following are some unique diet tips that we are going to share with you that can certainly make good additions in your eating routine and will bring new learning to your behavior towards losing weight and keeping you on track.

Tip No.1: Variety can hype your calorie intake

The first weight loss tip is to avoid variety and lots of eating options, especially if you are really hungry. On buffet, just taking a bite of everything would be just fine, but it is not practically possible for many dieters. It has been noticed from dieter’s general behavior that if they are served French fries with sauce and mayonnaise, they ate more of it. Similarly, people ate bigger portions of brownies, if served in the combination of whipped cream. The combo of foods when offered with variety can be a major hurdle in the success of your dieting. Also, if it’s difficult for you to deal with overeating, you can get help by including reputed appetite suppressants like Phen375 in your dietary routine. Variety of food options will make you eat more; it is therefore suggested to eat diets with limited variety to maintain your weight loss.

Tip No. 2: Have Oats or Barley for Breakfast

Having natural grains in breakfast that are enriched with fiber and macronutrients is incredibly good choice for your dieting and overall health as well. Barley has an amazing hunger fighting properties that make you fuller for longer. Eating barley, oats or rye kernels in your morning meal will help keeping your blood sugar on lower sides. The carbs present in these natural cereals have low glycemic index, which means they wouldn’t cause sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels like other carbohydrate foods do. Sudden spike and drop of blood sugar caused by carbohydrate rich foods will make you feel starving and famished.

While choosing barley and other cereals for your breakfast, try to choose ones that are least processed. Minimally processed cereals can offer amazing benefits for your overall health and will help you keep moving towards your weight loss goals.

Tip No. 3: Don’t make your lunch boring

One of the most common blunders that dieters make is to make their lunch boring with just salad. Though, eating a large portion of salad and vegetables is a good choice to achieve weight loss goals, but taking it with little or no dressing will make it boring for you. Your less attractive lunch plate will make you starve by mid-afternoon and you will end up eating some heavy snacks.

Your salad platter can turned really nutritive, attractive and much fuller, if you add some protein and a little fat to it. This perfect combination will help you keep fuller for longer. We will suggest you to meat up your lunch salad if you want to lose weight smartly. Top up your green veggies in salad platter with at least 150 gm piece of chicken breast along with some light salad dressing. Though, you are adding few calories to your salad platter, but this will be filling enough to get you through the mid-afternoon hunger pangs without any trouble.

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Tip No. 4: Stock up your veggies beforehand

Talking practically, we usually find it difficult to scrape a cucumber or carrot, or cutting up a zucchini for our meals when we feel terribly hungry. To avoid these scenarios where you reach for some unhealthy option just to pass up the trouble of preparing up your meal, the best way is to stock up on frozen vegetables beforehand. When you are dieting, try to make things easier for you so that you can easily skip unhealthy food choices.

On weekend, buy all the vegetables that you need for your week’s meal and make them clean and chopped and store them nicely in the frozen bags. By this way you can just take them out to cook whenever you want. An even better approach to make sure you eat more veggies is to cook the frozen vegetables ahead of time, so that you can easily dump them into your soups or salad or just make up your desired meals with them.

Tip No. 5: Trim down the size of your dinnerware

It is an important factor of dieting, as the larger the plates, the more you like to put food on it. Downsizing your dinnerware can help you greatly in achieving your desired weight loss results. To deal with your hunger issue, you can also incorporate the use of Phen375, which is a reputed appetite suppressant and offer great results for reducing hunger.

If you serve your meals on smaller plates, it will eventually help you eat less and consume less calories. To satisfy your sight for your dinner table, the best way is to switch the plates; that is, use the smaller plates to have your dinner and use the large dinner plates for salads. This will surely create a perfect balance in your meals and will make your hunger more satisfied.


By incorporating these simple yet effective advices, you can certainly take charge of your weight loss journey smartly. You can also accelerate your weight loss results by using Phen375 dietary supplement, but of course after consulting your medical practitioner. You have to change your lifestyle and adopt healthy food choices to successfully lose those unwanted pounds and melt those fat pockets.