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Rules to Shedding Weight Successfully and How to maintain it


It is no secret that losing weight is never fun. In fact, it can be a very challenging task that people have to pass through and unfortunately, not all succeed in this daunting task. However, good news is that shedding weight does not always have to be difficult or stressful. It can be adapted as a lifestyle as well.

For many people, losing weight is not half as difficult as keeping the extra flab off in the long run. People usually spend months and months trying to lose weight but as soon as they reach a desired weight goal, they end up gaining back double.

Reason? Weight loss is not easy to maintain. In fact, maintaining body weight is even more challenging than shedding the extra flab off. In this article we talk about the golden rules that are not only helpful to blast off the extra layers of fat but are also effective to maintain body weight persistently.

Rules to Lose and Maintain Body Weight

There are several rules for weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight that will help you fight obesity constantly. However, it is very important that you abide by these rules religiously if you want to see results in the long run.

Following anything in life will never be effective and give you results if you don’t stick to it bindingly and persistently. Particularly weight loss is something that requires a lot of patience and motivation. Hence, these golden rules should be followed at every cost so that you can continue to look good and feel good about yourself.

  1. Cut Down On The Junk

You must have heard it already! If you want to lose weight, you will have to cut down on the junk drastically. There is no way that you will be able to lose weight or keep it off if you continue to indulge in junk foods. The first thing is that it will not be humanely possible to lose weight if you don’t cut down on the calories and cutting low on the calories will ask you to quit the junk. Even if we think that you lose weight by some miracle by not quitting junk food, you will not be able to keep the weight from piling back on. Hence, the first rule you need to follow is say No to Junk food!

  1. Trust Weight Loss Supplementation

People do not believe in the amazing miracles that weight loss supplementation such as Garcinia Extra can do for you. Little do people know that Garcinia Extra is an all-natural weight loss supplement that is made from the pulp of an Asian tropical fruit and is completely safe to use.

Similarly, there is a wide array of weight loss supplements that suppress the appetite, work on cutting through the fat layers and also drastically reduces the urge of your body for food intake. All of this is only helpful to boost the weight loss process and help you get to your weight goal faster. Hence, rule number 2 is to trust weight loss supplements because they are not a waste of money and neither are they harmful for the human health.


  1. Eat Right and Wholesome

Losing weight is never about starving yourself to death and becoming anorexic, as many people do. Weight loss and keeping the weight off is only possible if you eat in the right manner. Diet plans are only effective and reliable if you don’t feel food deprived or starved while on them. Dieting should make your feel healthier and not deprived.

Hence, you should be eating right. Choose to eat the good food; good carbs, healthy fats, protein, whole wheat and fiber! This will speed up the process of weight loss and will also prevent fat layers from developing again in the future since you have completely cut down on the high calorie foods.

Interesting Fact: High-calories and junk foods never satisfy your cravings and make you only want to eat more whilst eating healthy will make you feel fuller and leave you more satisfied.

  1. Exercise Regularly!

A big thing that is repeatedly emphasized on is exercising regularly. You need to engage in vigorous physical workout sessions, particularly the ones that are physically grueling and exhausting. This is the only way you will burn more than you consume.

This will initiate weight loss. A huge mistake people make is that they control what they eat but do not engage in any physical activity. Such people should know that they are only wasting their energy by dieting so much! No diet control is effective without following a strict and dedicated exercise regime and vice versa.

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  1. Don’t Try to Speed It Up Ever!

The one rule that you should follow at every cost is that you should never try to speed up the process of weight loss ever. Never trust crash diets or quick exercise program promises such as ‘lose 20 pounds in 1 month’! Not only is it humanely impossible to lose weight this way but it actually has adverse effects in the long run.

The drawback of doing so is that you will actually reverse the process of weight loss and once you stop, you will gain back the fat 10 times faster than normal. Therefore, it is always best to adapt weight loss as a lifestyle so that you can settle in it as a daily routine. This is a good wayfor which you won’t have to deal with later consequences.

There are many tricks that are going to help you in the long run to lose body weight and maintain it in the long run. There are diet plan, exercise plans and even weight loss supplementations such as the Garcinia Extra extracts that can aid in weight loss very smoothly and effectively. But above all, it is the change in lifestyle that facilitates weight loss and most importantly, helps you to maintain it in the long run.