Side effects of losing weight fast

If you start believing all claims by advertising , rapid weight loss can be really as quick and easy . You are so anxious to lose weight that you start following that program with accuracy and precision .

These diet and weight loss supplements promise weight loss in no time , everything is going so perfectly , until your body starts to rebel and you feel like irritable , lazy , sluggish and tired most of the time . Your stomach starts groaning and you have emotional cravings for more food and the end will be you , gaining more weight again . Calmly consider your options and select the methods that are likely to give you long term results .

If you are an overweight individual , losing weight can be very beneficial for your long term health but it is crucially important to be at sensible pace , as rapid weight loss and can lead to serious health complications . When it’s about losing weight , one should keep in mind that losing weight is not about just an excuse to buy new clothes and having impressive body , in fact it is also about overall health of your body and reducing risks for chronic conditions like diabetes and heart diseases but shedding unwanted pounds can also have less obvious effects and not always for the better .

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What is to lose weight rapidly :

In rapid weight loss programs , what really burns fat is not any pill or a food type but it is a drastic reduction of calories combined with an exercise . Many of weight loss pills ensures you to lose pounds in faster time , by claiming to block absorption of nutrients , burning of fat , increasing metabolism or the medically supervised very low calorie diet but all the time , this isn’t the truth .

Side effects of rapid weight lose :

Talking about side effects of losing weight rapidly , our muscles perform best when carbs are easily available but most of rapid weight loss pills are very low in carbohydrates content because they lack starchy vegetables , breads , grains and fruits and you are at risk of losing all of your energy . Along with this , low carbs in your body seizes up your bowels , resulting in constipation , straining and haemaarohoids . And if you are a diabetic patient , you must consult your doctor about rapid weight loss pills as change of carbohydrate content in your diet can risk you rapid drops in blood sugar levels and causing hypoglycemic reactions .

When your diet is stricter and you are using rapid weight loss pills , than there is absolutely no way to get enough nutrients . The signs and symptoms range from fatigue , low energy , tiredness , cold , more prone to infections , slow healing or recovery , loss of bone density , damaged nervous system in long term and confusion . If you fail to take a comprehensive multi vitamin , then you will run your body down but if you are already running low before you start your diet then the impact of deficiencies will slow sooner . Crash dieting has also been associated with lack of essential proteins in your body and increase in stress response hormones , along with the chances that you may lose more than 50% of your natural hairs even if it is not directly related to male pattern baldness .

If you are following a low carb diet plan , it is sure that you will gain some weight when you come off it because , human body is naturally restoring glycogen , an instant source of energy , in muscles and liver . This instant body fuel is known to make positive difference to your muscular as well as brain performances . But in long term , if you go back to old habits without working on eating plan , for sure you will gain weight . If you try to fight your own body , the consequences might be you ending up , putting on much more weight than before . A number of physiological as well as psychological changes are likely to occur that may reduce your ability to take part in community activities or simply the normal life activities .

Rapid weight loss is sometimes also linked with gallstone formation that is the deposition of hard cholesterols in gall bladder , causing nausea , serious abdominal pain but they are generally harmless . Fatty liver disease is also associated with obesity . This may be due to the sudden changes in your fatty acid profile after your weight loss , or as residual effect of being overweight . other side effects includes irritability , headaches , dizziness , fatigue , constipation , menstrual irregularities , hair and muscle loss , eating no protein diet is particularly risky .

Kou tea :

Kou Tea is the magical combination of 4 types of teas and is considered best to lose weight and without any side effects . This herbal combination of 4 different sorts of teas claims to offer customers wellness and health along with weight loss . This product is designed to give you the capacity to lose weight as much as 5 pounds in a week , with improved metabolism and energy , stops the cravings , keeps your fats deposit off of your physical body .

It sounds good to have a cup of tea and lose weight rather than taking pills and other supplements . When you are able to consume a cup of tea and lose weight , you are mostly likely to use this product and keep acquiring results . Since , this slimming tea is not a replacement for reduced calorie diet regimen and couple of physical exercises a week but combination of both can essentially help you lose pounds . this product is the most guaranteed way to keep your weight loss results .

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